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Putting Oakdale First

Oakdale Community Bank

Board of Directors

President – Lisa Lucero Ballard
Vice President – Cherilyn Bairos
Treasurer – Lupe Aguilera
Secretary – Lisa Lucero Ballard
Communications – Ami Poncabare


Ladies of OES


Our Story

Founded just five years ago by an ambitious group of four gals, the Oakdale Enrichment Society is a celebration of living in a rural, agricultural community with deep roots to the Old West. The logo is our town center’s clock and the time is set to 4:00 to represent our four founding members; Lisa Lucero Ballard, Cherilyn Bairos, Lupe Aguilera, and Amy Velasco.


Our Mission

Oakdale Enrichment Society is an organization created by community ambassadors with the purpose of creating fun and exciting events and opportunities for Oakdale residents to further enjoy the town they live in.

Help us enrich Oakdale and get involved!

We could not do this without the generosity of our donors or the time committment from our amazing volunteer force. If you wish to HELP OUT by making a donation or becoming a volunteer, there are plenty of opportunities for both.

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Oakdale Enrichment Society

All proceeds from events conducted by Oakdale Enrichment Society go toward enhancing the Community of Oakdale by supporting our many fun and exciting community events and opportunities.

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