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All American Bash Parade Route


The All American Bash Parade route begins and ends at Walnut and N 1st. Line up starts PROMPTLY at 4PM, no sooner.

Oakdale Enrichment Society and volunteers, will be closing the Parade route early to vehicular traffic to enhance public safety measures. 

Downtown businesses will be open and parking will be available in our downtown lots and surrounding side streets. Parking will be restricted along the parade route.

To register for the parade and learn more about the All American Bash Parade safety tips, rules and regulations see below.

To discover the talented music line up and event details, visit ALL AMERICAN BASH.


Rules and Regulations

Entry representatives should hold a meeting with their float participants before, or on, the day of the Parade, and review the rules and safety guidelines to ensure everyone understands them and their own individual responsibilities.

Parade Officials and Volunteers:

  • OES Board Members and Volunteers will be available to assist with questions or guidance you may need.
  • OES Board Members and Volunteers will be available to check-in parade participants and direct them to their designated spots.
  • All participants must follow the direction given by Volunteers and OES Board Members.
  • Parade rules and regulations will be reiterated during parade formation.

No Throwing Items from Parade to the Crowd:

  • Please DO NOT toss candy or any object into the crowd.

All Vehicle Operators:

  • All vehicle drivers must be experienced operators and must possess the appropriate valid motor vehicle operator’s licenses.
  • All vehicles must be in sound working condition and properly registered and insured.
  • Once a float or other vehicle is in position, the driver (and a float representative, if applicable) must be in attendance at all times in the event there are questions or the float and/or vehicle needs to be moved.

Line-up and Staging:

  • All parade entries position is first come first serve.
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